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Lakeland Area Kiwanis Get Your K's On - 2018

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Welcome to our 6th anniversary!!!

We started the Get Your K's On run in 2013.  It was a huge success, with 150 runners, and it generated over $4000 for the Kiwanis Autism Project.  Each year, we help support 6 local area schools, by presenting iPads to children with autism.  The Get Your K's On run is gaining support and popularity each year.

Our run is an annual event which is held on the last Saturday in April, since April is Autism Awareness Month.  This year's event is on Saturday, April 28th.  The run will start at 1:00PM with registration starting at 11:00AM.  We will once again be supporting local autism projects for the Lakeland Area.

With your help, be it a sponsor, volunteer or just a participant, this is a great annual event to support autism and Autism Awareness.  We are a small club, and this event is so big we can't do it alone.  We first of all need volunteers - about 30 of them!  Next is runners, we hope to have at least 150 runners, so make sure you check out our runners page!  And of course we can't do this without sponsors, so we need financial support as well.  And we will get it, why?  Because Elaine Bassett, a charter member of our club, described our club best - "We are small, but we are mighty!"

We want to make this run special, we want to make it fun and we want to make this run a challenge.  We want to make this a family event where kids and adults can both have fun.  We are holding the run at the Minocqua Park Complex which is out on Hwy 70 West where the old Circle M used to be.  There is plenty of parking available, there is a pavilion as well as kitchen and bathroom facilities. 

For the 5K, we are going down Camp Pinemere Road which is full of hills, turns and beautiful scenery.  The 10K will included the same route, but we are adding portions of Sutton Road and Hower Road, which will have even more hills.  We are doing a 1K down Camp Pinemere and back, and we will also have kid sprints.  We are also going to have some entertainment to provide a nice atmosphere for the event.  So come out and enjoy the day and help support a great cause for our communities.

We hope to see you soon, so you can Get Your K's On!

Thank you,

Dan Brunette

And one last plug - WANT TO BE A MEMBER?  Our Kiwanis Club meets on the third Tuesday morning at Molly's Cafe in Minocqua at 7:30am.  The public is always invited, and if you want to help children, please consider a membership in Kiwanis.  "We may be small, but we are mighty!" (Elaine Bassett)


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Do you know someone with autism that could benefit from an iPad?  Click the link below to download the grant application form and simply fill it out and send it in.


or check out the website at WWW.KIWANISAUTISMPROJECT.ORG